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documentZuverlssigkeit von Verhaltensverlaufsdiagnostik über Rater und Messzeitpunkte bei Schülern mit externalisiere
downloadstotal since 14.11.201743
Ø aller Dokumente of type Article (journal)40.0
in month4
Ø aller Dokumente of type Article (journal)13.2
in year40
Ø aller Dokumente of type Article (journal)64.9
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We list the absolute access rate for a respective document since it went online as well as in a selected month and a selected year.
Below, you will find the mean download rate of all documents of the same document type that were available online in pedocs by the end of the selected time period.

Until late 2014, assessments were entirely based on our own statistics. The access rates listed here are not suitable for comparison with other document servers. But they merely allow for comparing the statistical relevance of a particular document on pedocs with other documents also provided by this server.

Since 2015, assessments have been based on participation in the Open Access Statistics Service ( thus pursuant to COUNTER standard.

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