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Apprenticeship training and the business cycle
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SourceEmpirical research in vocational education and training 1 (2009) 2, S. 173-186 ZDB
License of the document In copyright
Keywords (German)Ausbildungsmarkt; Duales Ausbildungssystem; Konjunkturzyklus; Ausbildungsförderung; Unternehmen; Arbeitspapier; Panel; Schweiz
sub-disciplineEmpirical Educational Research
Adult Education / Further Education
Document typeArticle (journal)
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review statusPublishing House Lectorship
Abstract (English):Dual apprenticeship training is a form of education at the upper secondary level, taking place in vocational school as well as in firms. Therefore, the willingness of firms to offer apprenticeships is a necessity for the functioning of this part of the educational system. Although it is likely that the economic climate has an impact on the firm’s supply of apprenticeships, little is known so far about the impact of the business cycle on the number of apprenticeship programs offered. Using panel-data of Swiss cantons from 1988–2004, we find that the influence of the business cycle is statistically significant, but small in size. Instead, supply of apprenticeship programs is driven to a much greater extent by demographic change. (DIPF/Orig.)
other articles of this journalEmpirical research in vocational education and training Jahr: 2009
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Date of publication10.01.2012
Suggested CitationMuehlemann, Samuel; Wolter, Stefan C.; Wüest, Adrian: Apprenticeship training and the business cycle - In: Empirical research in vocational education and training 1 (2009) 2, S. 173-186 - URN: urn:nbn:de:0111-opus-51635
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