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TitelDemanded and feared: transnational convergencies in national educational systems and their (expectable) effects
OriginalveröffentlichungEuropean educational research journal 1 (2002) 2, S. 214-233
Schlagwörter (Deutsch)Kulturelle Integration; Kultur; Wallerstein, Immanuel; Differenzierung; Transnationale Kultur; Moderne; Deregulierung; Schulsystem
TeildisziplinVergleichende Erziehungswissenschaft
DokumentartAufsatz (Zeitschrift)
Abstract (Englisch):The article focuses on the impact of social developments related to "globalisation" on education. In line with the world systems approach as most prominently expounded by Immanuel Wallerstein the author conceptualises globalisation not as a new development, but as the current expression of a long historical process originating in sixteenth century Europe. In order to make use of world systems theory for education, the author makes a strong argument in favour of taking Bourdieu's concepts of cultural capital and the relative autonomy of the educational system into account. On this basis, the author reviews a secondary analysis based on numerous studies of national education systems with respect to the various degrees of convergence, divergence and variation. It is argued with reference to the neo-institutionalist approach of the Stanford group that convergence and standardisation in education are not questions of affirmation or rejection as much as historical processes that by no means imply a deterministic implementation of an economic rationale. (DIPF/Orig.)
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Empfohlene ZitierungAdick, Christel: Demanded and feared: transnational convergencies in national educational systems and their (expectable) effects - In: European educational research journal 1 (2002) 2, S. 214-233 - URN: urn:nbn:de:0111-opus-13761
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