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TitelParticipation and reconciliation. Preconditions of justice
Weitere BeteiligteAdwan, Sami [Hrsg.]; Wildfeuer, Armin G. [Hrsg.]
OriginalveröffentlichungOpladen ; Farmington Hills, MI : Budrich 2011, 268 S. - (Schriften der Katholischen Hochschule Nordrhein-Westfalen; 16)
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Schlagwörter (Deutsch)Internationale Beziehungen; Internationale Zusammenarbeit; Kulturelle Beziehungen; Menschenrechte; Partizipation; Soziale Gerechtigkeit; Völkerverständigung; Hochschule; Student; Asien; Deutschland; Israel; Naher Osten
TeildisziplinAllgemeine Erziehungswissenschaft
Vergleichende Erziehungswissenschaft
DokumentartMonographie, Sammelwerk oder Erstveröffentlichung
Abstract (Englisch):"In order to make justice work, participation and reconciliation is needed within and between societies, peoples, and nations. In this compilation, authors - senior academics as well as students - from Bethlehem University, Palestine, and the Catholic University of Applied Sciences, Cologne, Germany, contribute to this important field. Thus, to some extent, the book in itself is an example of the subjects it deals with." (author's abstract). Table of Contents: Sami Adwan, Armin G. Wildfeuer: Editors' Preface (9-10); Josef Freise: The Joint Project of Bethlehem University and the Catholic University of Cologne (11-14); I. Debating "Participation": Contributions of the Lecturer Conferences 2008: Armin G. Wildfeuer, Christina Wirth: The Ideas of "Active" and "Passive" Participation. Some Philosophical Remarks on the History and the Presence of the Notion "Participation" (17-25); Josef Freise: Education and Participation - General Considerations and Exemplary Consequences for Political Youth Education and Teaching at Universities (27-31); Huda Musleh: Participation in Education (33-41); Heinz Theisen: Participation in Times of Globalization (43-56); Elise Aghazarian: The Arab Intellectual: Polemics of Participation in the Knowledge Society (57-70); Ria Puhl: Participation - as a Central Right of Service Users in Germany (71-78); Eman Abusada: Participation between the Rhetoric of Western Donor NGOs and the Reality of Social Work and Social Development Practice in Palestine (79-100); Gertrud Hundenborn: Participation from the Point of View of Nursing Pedagogy (101-106); Nelly Husari: Innovative Participation: Teaching/Training Ten Students from Gaza to be Occupational Therapists (107-116); II. Debating "Human Rights and Social Justice": Contributions of the Lecturer Conferences 2009: Armin G. Wildfeuer: Justice and Reconciliation (119-132); Josef Freise: Socio-Psychological and Spiritual Dimensions of Intercultural Learning and Peace Education (133-140); Heinz Theisen: European Values and the Social Market Economy (141-150); Ria Puhl: Human Rights and Social Justice and its Relevance for Social Work Theory and Practice (151-157); Minerva Qassis-Jaraysah: Killing Women under the Name of so-called "Family Honor" (159-172); Iyad Amawi: Denial of the Right to Freedom of Movement (Leaving and Returning to the Homeland) and its Implications on Human Development (173-182); Ingeborg Tiemann: On Rachel's Tomb: Some Considerations on Identity in a Palestinian-Israeli Border Area (183-201); III. Results of the Projects and Evaluation: Ingeborg Tiemann, May Jaber, Eman Abusada: Debating Participation: An Interdisciplinary Pilot Project between the Catholic University of Cologne and Bethlehem University Based on Video Conferencing and Workshops in Bethlehem and Cologne - Spring and Fall Semesters 2008 (205-213); Ronza Al-Madbouh, Sanaa Al-Muhtaseb, Juliane Dahlheimer, Raphael Nabholz, Christina Wirth: Debating Participation - Experiences of Students (215-219); Josef Freise, Sami Adwan: Values and Value Education among German and Palestinian Youth (221-229); Sami Adwan, Josef Freise: Palestinian and German Youth with Islamic and Christian Backgrounds: Religion as an Indicator of Behavior. A Comparative Study (231-245); Sami Adwan: Evaluation of the Inter-Cultural Exchange Program between Bethlehem University and the Catholic University of Applied Science (247-264).
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Empfohlene ZitierungAdwan, Sami [Hrsg.]; Wildfeuer, Armin G. [Hrsg.]: Participation and reconciliation. Preconditions of justice. Opladen ; Farmington Hills, MI : Budrich 2011, 268 S. - (Schriften der Katholischen Hochschule Nordrhein-Westfalen; 16) - URN: urn:nbn:de:0111-opus-92191
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