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TitelDevelopment of norms concerning object acquisition in 3 to 10 year old children: an observational study. Theoretical framework
OriginalveröffentlichungTrends in Bildung international (2004) 8, S. 1-7
Schlagwörter (Deutsch)Beobachtung; Empirische Untersuchung; Entwicklungspsychologie; Soziale Norm; Recht; Kind; Spiel; Soziales Verhalten; Ethik; Norm; Bürgerliches Recht; Eigentum; Wertorientierung
TeildisziplinEmpirische Bildungsforschung
Pädagogische Psychologie
DokumentartAufsatz (Zeitschrift)
Abstract (Englisch):The study presents interim results of an ongoing project on "Social behavioural norms as pre-cursors of legal norms" ... The main aim of the study is to determine these pre-cursors with reference to object-related legal terms. They are defined according to German law and include borrowing and lending objects, exchange of objects, renting objects and using a (social) contract. So the legal definitions are the "theoretical lens" used to identify the behavioural and conceptual pre-cursors of dealing with objects normatively. To trigger object-related social behaviour a play situation was constructed, which consisted of making small dolls, but restricting the means (instruments, glue etc.) for doing so. Hence the children had to deal with this limited resource situation by sharing, lending and negotiating about these resources. The 76 children who participated in the pre-structured observational play situation were divided in two age groups (3-5 and 6-10 years old). The method of data collection as well as the analysis of the children's utterances during these play situations is rooted in human ethological observational studies. ... Three research questions were of interest: 1) How do children playing in groups get hold of limited objects? What signs utterances and movements do children use when they want to achieve this? 2) How do children come into possession of objects? What is the structure of legally relevant processes of interaction? 3) What structural changes, processes of differentiation can be identified? Is there a structural developmental trend? What types of object transfer occur frequently? (DIPF/Orig.)
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Empfohlene ZitierungSujbert, Monika: Development of norms concerning object acquisition in 3 to 10 year old children: an observational study. Theoretical framework - In: Trends in Bildung international (2004) 8, S. 1-7 - URN: urn:nbn:de:0111-opus-50936
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