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Australian tropes of nature: representation and appropriation in EFL teaching
Originalveröffentlichung2018, 18 S.
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Abstract (Englisch):Postcolonial criticism has repeatedly expressed scepticism concerning the possibility of appropriate representation of cultures and identities. This seems even more problematic when assessing cultural production in the context of school education – a system which claims authority of representation because it requires comprehensibility and testability of the teaching contents and objectives. Influenced by critical theory’s attempts at mapping cultural representation in its complexity, several didactic models have been put forward in order to provide a conceptual basis for a holistic assessment of culture and intercultural competence in an educational context. Among the most prominent ones is Michael Byram’s model (1997), which promotes the ideal of “Intercultural Communicative Competence” by assessing the level of intercultural (communicative) competence along the lines of the categories “knowledge, skills, and attitudes”. Against the critical backdrop of the conflicting priorities and paradigms established above, this paper will investigate to what extent the representation of Australian nature in ELT materials captures intercultural competence in its cognitive, pragmatic and affective complexity – despite the above mentioned structural impediments inherent in the (German) school system. By taking a closer look at the presentation of Australian tropes of nature, it will scrutinize whether nature serves as a trope in which complex negotiations of cultural identities can play themselves out - and if so, along which didactic lines.
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QuellenangabeKutzbach, Konstanze: Australian tropes of nature: representation and appropriation in EFL teaching. 2018, 18 S. - URN: urn:nbn:de:0111-pedocs-153184 - DOI: 10.25656/01:15318
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