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Making beauty necessary and necessary beautiful
OriginalveröffentlichungEuropean journal for Research on the Education and Learning of Adults 10 (2019) 2, S. 171-184 ZDB
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ISSN2000-7426; 20007426
Abstract (Englisch):The article shows how unemployed working-class women in South Africa, through collective aesthetic experiences, achieved a sense of catharsis that strengthened the resolve to work towards creating alternatives. The text is based on a series of popular education workshops that were recorded in sound and images, and interviews with individual emerging artists. It draws on theory developed in practice by workers in the nineteen-eighties when they asserted their dignity and humanity as creative subjects and demonstrates how the women, some twenty-five years later, articulate a similar defiance. The article suggests that certain preconditions must be met before the process of conscientisation through creative work can achieve its objective of preparing participants for action: repoliticise art and education by building radically horizontal relationships; create a playful third space for experimentation and generating knowledge, and encourage improvisations that allow contradictions to emerge and be examined critically. (DIPF/Orig.)
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Quellenangabevon Kotze, Astrid: Making beauty necessary and necessary beautiful - In: European journal for Research on the Education and Learning of Adults 10 (2019) 2, S. 171-184 - URN: urn:nbn:de:0111-pedocs-178189 - DOI: 10.25656/01:17818; 10.3384/rela.2000-7426.rela9143
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