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Can I use documents from pedocs or images from pedocs documents for my science publication?

Regarding contents, the answer is easy:  yes, provided you cite them correctly pursuant to rules for good scientific practice. The case is different for images. If you cannot find any details regarding licences in the imprint or elsewhere in the document, you should contact the publisher listed on the flyleaf of the publication. Further information on the topic of citing images can also be found here: Verch, U. (2022). Das Bildzitat – Fotos und Abbildungen richtig zitieren. API Magazin, 3(1). .

How can I export my clipboard?

For information in this regard, see Reusing search results.

How can I further limit the documents displayed by browsing?

The list of matches is endless and perhaps not specific enough? You can use the advanced search option to delimit the number of matches and formulate a more precise query. Please see also Researching and browsing.

How can I integrate citation suggestions into my reference management system?

See the export functionality in peDOCS, which you will find below the list of matches or also below the full display of a dataset. You can thus transfer data to your management system or have them displayed in bibliographic format and save them.  See also the paragraph on further use of search results.

The document I have registered was made available today. Why can’t I find it when sending a search query?

A newly entered publication is listed on the pedocs website under the heading “New publications”. It will take another day for it to be found via the search query because   the search   index is only updated once a day during the night.

What about rights of usage?

As an author you grant pedocs a simple user right pursuant to copyright law.  This concerns electronic use for internal administration, making the document available to the public for download, individual reproduction on screen and printing (online usage) and the right to convert the file format for long-term archiving purposes respectively visualising. For more information, check our site “information for authors” or visit the website of the GFZ Potsdam on this topic.

What do you charge for a publication on pedocs?

Publishing on pedocs is free.

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