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Please note that uploaded publications are not immediately available due to further technical processing.

Editorials and reviews are not included in peDOCS.

The registration of a text is performed in several steps.
(1)   request the form
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(3)   check it and alter your entries if necessary
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Documents on the peDOCS server are offered as pdf files (portable document format).

The document you have uploaded will be made permanently accessible to everbody. It will receive a permanent, consistent Internet address (URN). The description of the document will be adapted by the German Education Index. The text and its description will moreover be adapted by the German National Library, and stored in its long-term archives. These procedures are irreversible once you have completed them.

By registering the document, you certify that you own the pertinent rights of exploitation allowing you to permit the operators of the document server to act as stated above. This is determined in an author’s contract


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