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Momente musikalischer Sozialisation
OriginalveröffentlichungBehne, Klaus-E. [Hrsg.]: Einzeluntersuchungen. Laaber : Laaber-Verlag 1980, S. 146-177. - (Musikpädagogische Forschung; 1)
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Sonstige beteiligte InstitutionenArbeitskreis Musikpädagogische Forschung
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ISBN3-9215-1855-5; 3921518555
Abstract (Englisch):Which are the aspects of individual biography that lead to a person's involvement with music of any kind? 19 amateur singers, students of music and various concert-goers (aged between 18-40; 27,7 being the average age) were questioned as to their individual musical tastes, regarding family background and the influence of school, peer-group and mass-media as agents of socialisation. The findings suggest, that a stable preference for classical music is a product of primary socialisation, usually brought about by identification with one of the parents. A stable preference for pop-music is acquired as part of secondary socialisation under the influence of the peer-group. In both cases personal influence seems to be far more effective than the media. Any musical activity tends to grow increasingly stable when supported by outside impulses. Two non-musical aspects, i.e. the role of music as means of social opposition and the functional logic of music in itself, can also reinforce musical activities. Emotional contiguity is a pre-condition for the development of aesthetic preferences. The only way that school seems to have a part in musical socialisation is by way of practical musical activities. (DIPF/Orig.)
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QuellenangabeKlüppelholz, Werner: Momente musikalischer Sozialisation - In: Behne, Klaus-E. [Hrsg.]: Einzeluntersuchungen. Laaber : Laaber-Verlag 1980, S. 146-177. - (Musikpädagogische Forschung; 1) - URN: urn:nbn:de:0111-pedocs-247384 - DOI: 10.25656/01:24738
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