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Changing profile of education in Afghanistan
Source2013, 15 S.
License of the document In copyright
Keywords (German)Bildungswesen; Bildungsexpansion; Bildungsbeteiligung; Allgemein bildende Schule; Berufsbildung; Hochschulbildung; Mädchenbildung; Afghanistan
sub-disciplineOrganisation of Education, Educational Planning, Educational Legislation
Document typeMonograph, Collected Work or primary publication
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review statusReview Status Unknown
Abstract (English):This is a factual and analytical paper on development of education in Afghanistan since 2002, following two decades of conflict in the country, and the beginning of a new and more hopeful phase involving the support of the international community. It covers the opportunities and challenges in basic education, secondary, technical and vocational education, teacher education and higher education, with special reference to improvement of educational opportunities for girls. It presents progress and expansion of education at all levels, based on statistical data for 2002-2012, and signals the challenges for quality of education, achievement of compulsory basic education especially for girls, and adult literacy. The paper concludes that there is a strong and growing demand for modern education and training for boys and girls in Afghanistan. Peace and stability and innovative strategies will contribute to progress of education in the country. (Orig.)
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Date of publication23.05.2013
CitationSamady, Saif R.: Changing profile of education in Afghanistan. 2013, 15 S. - URN: urn:nbn:de:0111-opus-77980 - DOI: 10.25656/01:7798
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