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Education policy, law and governance in the United Kingdom
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SourceTrends in Bildung international (2009) 22, S. 1-30 ZDB
has version:Bildungspolitik, Bildungsgesetzgebung und Bildungssteuerung im Vereinigten Königreich
Keywords (German)Bildung; Bildungsgang; Bildungssystem; Bildungspolitik; Bildungsreform; Schulpolitik; Bildungsangebot; Bildungsrecht; Kind; Elementarbereich; Schulsystem; Schulabsentismus; Schulpflicht; Bildungsverwaltung; Schulinspektion; Schulform; Primarbereich; Sekundarbereich; Bildungsabschluss; Gesetzgebung; Finanzierung; Hochschulbildung; Sonderschule; Migrant; England; Großbritannien
sub-disciplineGeneral Educational Science
Comparative Education
Document typeArticle (journal)
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review statusPublishing House Lectorship
Abstract (English):In this contribution, the authors present an overview and discussion of the key policies, trends and issues in UK education. The focus in the initial sections is more on the school system of early and compulsory education. Later sections focus also on post-compulsory and higher education, and links to the world of work. There are four home countries in the UK - England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales - with increasingly divergent education systems. Where possible and relevant the authors distinguish these systems, especially at the start of the chapter. However, it is not possible within space constraints to provide detailed discussion of the distinctive legislative framework in each home country and for the purpose of this chapter they have focused primarily on England, which is the most populous of the home countries. (DIPF/Orig.)
other articles of this journalTrends in Bildung international Jahr: 2009
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Date of publication04.06.2012
Suggested CitationHarris, Neville; Gorard, Stephen: Education policy, law and governance in the United Kingdom - In: Trends in Bildung international (2009) 22, S. 1-30 - URN: urn:nbn:de:0111-opus-50623
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