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Current Trends in Educational Research in Europe
SourceEuropean journal of teacher education 15 (1992) 1-2, S. 53-64 ZDB
License of the document In copyright
Keywords (German)Erziehungswissenschaft; Pädagogische Forschung; Pädagogik; Lehrerausbildung; Lehrerbildung; Bildungspolitik; Bildungspraxis; Bildungsgeschichte; Wissenschaftsdisziplin; Wissenschaftsentwicklung; Wissenschaftsgeschichte; Entwicklungstrend; Historischer Überblick; Ländervergleich; Internationaler Vergleich; Europa
sub-disciplineGeneral Educational Science
Comparative Education
Document typeArticle (journal)
Year of creation
review statusPublishing House Lectorship
Abstract (English):The author deals with the “issue of the impact of educational research on educational policy and practice with special regard to teacher education” and asks how “educational research is to be defined concerning its content, method and objective.” Since “in respect of these three features, one has to draw a line from normative foundations of philosophical or religious nature and individual experience, on the one hand, to the modem approaches, both of quantitative and qualitative character, on the other”, he says, he first gives an historical overview over the development of educational history in Europe. After discussing a “considerable diversity” of educational research within the international spectrum and analyzing “organisational patterns and issues” as well as “typological and methodological issues” he finally points out the “impact of educational research on decision-making”. (DIPF/ ssch)
other articles of this journalEuropean journal of teacher education Jahr: 1992
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Date of publication23.06.2009
Suggested CitationMitter, Wolfgang: Current Trends in Educational Research in Europe - In: European journal of teacher education 15 (1992) 1-2, S. 53-64 - URN: urn:nbn:de:0111-opus-20117
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