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Monograph, Collected Work or primary publication accessible at
'Uses' and 'ab-uses' of history. Possible consequences for history teaching at schools
Source2012, 14 S.
Keywords (German)Geschichte <Histor>; Historiographie; Geschichtsunterricht; Geschichtsbewusstsein; Missbrauch; Gebrauch
sub-disciplineCurriculum and Teaching / School Pedagogy
Teaching Didactics/Teaching Social Science and Philosophy
Document typeMonograph, Collected Work or primary publication
Year of creation
review statusReview Status Unknown
Abstract (English):The arcticle explores the concept of "Abuse" of history, mainly arguing that there is no such thing as "abuse" of a neutrally given object of history, but that history (in contrast to the past) only comes into existence by "using", so that criteria of this usage need to be checked when assessing the proper use.
Abstract (German):Der Beitrag erörtert das Konzept des "Missbrauchs" von Geschichte und argumentiert, dass es einen "Missbrauch" eines neutralen, gegebenen Objekts "Geschichte" nicht gibt, weil Geschichte (im Gegensatz zur Vergangenheit) erst durch Gebrauch entsteht, so dass zur Beurteilung dieses Gebrauchs die Geltungskriterien geprüft werden müssen.
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Date of publication13.09.2012
Suggested CitationKörber, Andreas: 'Uses' and 'ab-uses' of history. Possible consequences for history teaching at schools. 2012, 14 S. - URN: urn:nbn:de:0111-opus-66267
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